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Life-Changing + Success Stories

We've helped hundreds of busy women reclaim their confidence, health, and happiness, using our simple and flexible methods.


Rather than telling you what's possible, we'd rather show you how ordinary women like you are transforming their bodies and lives with our methods.


Miranda, a 42 yr-old mom in healthcare, lost 93 lbs with a custom plan that fit her lifestyle


Sunni, a 40 yr-old nurse, learned to put herself & health first, now living her most fulfilled life


Nicole (age 42) went from feeling miserable & hopeless to losing 1lb/wk & feeling whole again

This mother is down 95 lbs permanently

Cathy lost 42 lbs by eating more than she was before



Watch the "Start Here" video below to find out how to get the most out of your Strategy Call.


Check your email to confirm you received the email confirmation with the Zoom link for your call (it should come from Calendly). If you did not receive it, please reach out to, and we'll make sure you get it.


Check out the results and transformations hundreds of busy women like you have experienced with our custom strategies & methods in the videos & pictures below.


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Watch for a text message sent to your phone the day before your call to confirm your meeting time and that you have everything you need.

Meet Your Empowerment Coach

Hey, I’m Shane!

I was born in Canada, where I currently reside. I have been in the health & wellness space as a personal trainer, nutrition, and mindset coach since roughly 2006.

I truly believe that an optimal life begins with a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Once a baseline rhythm and tempo is established there, living one’s life to the fullest becomes exponentially less challenging.

As an Empowerment Coach for TEC, I'm happy to lend my experience and energy in assisting others in cultivating a healthier lifestyle by empowering them to take positive and intentional action along the path towards their optimal self. It is my pleasure to offer a gentle, steady and energetically galvanizing focus to those I help.

My goal as a coach is to support people in their journey toward a more fulfilling life, through optimal health and a consistently expanding awareness of themselves on a fundamental level.


Results We've Made Possible


47 yr-old Jenn had tried everything to lose weight & nothing worked, until coaching changed her life


At 50+ yrs old, Diana now truly loves herself, having more confidence & power than she's ever had

Lost 37 lbs without giving up her favorite foods

Bobbi Strother (8_1_22 - 2_25_23).png

51 yrs old, down 17 lbs

Lost 35 lbs before her wedding


Paola went from "profoundly stuck" to living her best life at 50+ yrs old, with coaching & support


Vanessa (42 yr-old mom), found freedom & self-love after years of failure, with a TEC tailored plan

Lost 14 lbs and 22 inches

Finally found a plan that worked for her

Lost 15 lbs & transformed her body


Tessa, a 39 yr-old mom, changed her life inside and out after ending the yoyo dieting cycle


Morgan (a mom) lost 15+ lbs and felt amazing in her wedding dress, after we restored her metabolism


Emily is eating more & losing weight effortlessly, and will never go back to Weight Watchers or Keto


Sierra went from undereating & plateaus to shocking physical changes after restoring her metabolism


Laura's life forever changed, now that she's made nutrition & health a part of her lifestyle


Morgan (a mom) lost 15+ lbs and felt amazing in her wedding dress, after we restored her metabolism

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